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GMJF: Greater Miami Jewish Federation 2011
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Dear Greater Miami Jewish Federation Travelers,

IsraelPhones is proud to offer you a cellular phone rental for your upcoming trip to Israel.


Rental Rates in Israel:

Delivery of rentals to your program upon group arrival in Israel: FREE! With 10 or more orders per group flight.
Rental fee for a cellular phone + SIM card or SIM card only: FREE for 14 days! Only $1/day afterwards.
Insurance is included!: Covers normal damage to your handset (not water or extreme damage)
Deductible on claims outside of covered damage and for lost/stolen phones: $100 for the 1st claim, $175 for each additional claim, plus shipping for replacement phone. Lost/stolen/unreturned SIM cards incur a $20 fee.


Calling Rates in Israel: Option #1: Tourist Packages Rates - A pool of IsraelPhones Minutes to call landlines/mobiles in the U.S., Canada and Israel, landlines in the UK and France, and text messages in Israel. These minutes are available for use for the dates listed at the time of ordering (no more than 3 months).

Incoming Calls and Incoming Text Messages from anywhere in the world

Tourist Basic Package of 250 minutes $49.99 (priced at 19.9¢/minute!)

Tourist Deluxe Package of 450 minutes

$79.99 (priced at 17.7¢/minute!)

Tourist Premium Package of 850 minutes $119.99 (priced at 14.2¢/minute!)

Tourist Platinum Package of 1,500 minutes

$149.99 (priced at 9.9¢/minute!)

* Note: When using a Tourist Package, calls to mobile phones outside of Israel and North America may incur an additional mobile phone surcharge. Calls/text messages over your pooled minutes will be billed at 49¢/min. Text messages to international destinations are priced at the Pay-as-you-go rate. Directory assistance and premium services are not included. Text messages in Israel are counted as one minute per message. The 250 and 450 packages are valid for rentals only up to 30 days and all packages selected are valid only for the dates provided in your order. Please contact IsraelPhones for rates to other destinations and for surcharge rates in countries not listed above.

Calling Rates in Israel: Option #2: Pay-as-you-go Rates within Israel – Pay only for your outgoing calls

Incoming Calls and Incoming Text Messages from anywhere in the world

Calls to other IsraelPhones customers within your cellular network and Israeli landlines 19¢/minute
Calls outside your mobile network in Israel 35¢/minute
Calls to North America 35¢/minute
Text messages (In network/Out of network in Israel & to International destinations) 19¢/35¢ each


Additional Services in Israel 

Get a local North American number that rings on your Israeli cell phone so family and friends can dial a local number and speak to you in Israel, hassle-free. Calls can be placed from any landline – home, office or cellular phone, no matter where you are. With this plan, you pay a one-time access fee of $10 for a local number that reaches you on your Israel phone with excellent call quality. Calls will be billed at the rate of 14.9¢ per minute.

Please contact IsraelPhones for local number rate rates from other destinations.

IsraelPhones has the lowest priced USB Modem rentals in Israel! Bring your laptop for business or pleasure and rent a high speed modem for continuous online connection to check e-mail and use the internet in Israel!

UNLIMITED ACCESS for only $5 per day! (We do not guarantee that the device will work with MAC platform. An unreturned, lost, stolen or damaged modem will incur a replacement fee of $300).

Discounted Data Package: Unlimited data for iPhones and other 3G phones .

Only $4 a day! Unlimited For Iphones and 3G phones, or $5 a day for BlackBerry for 500 MB WAP/Data.

Offer exists for customers bringing their own unlocked iPhone or other smartphone. IsraelPhones does not supply smartphones for rental.

All of the above rates do not include Israel’s 16% value added tax

Cell Phone Ordering Information

Please continue below to complete your order at least 5 days prior to your departure.

A $100 authorization will be placed on your credit card upon receipt of this order for up to 30 days after final billing. Your itemized bill will be sent to you via email. Please check your email address carefully in order to assure receipt of your bill. Lost or stolen rentals must be reported immediately to IsraelPhones and the carrier in order to avoid unnecessary charges.

To receive your assigned number/s and toll free number in advance, log on to 1-3 business days before departure date, select "my number" and insert your confirmation number. If you have any further questions about the cellular phone rental, please call the IsraelPhones office at 1-866-8ISRAEL or email

Rental Phone Return Information

Return information will be supplied to you with your rental.

Customs regulations prohibit sending cell phones to Israel or the US from other countries via mail; IsraelPhones is not responsible for cell phones seized in customs. Please contact us for delivery/return points in your country, if available.

For information on additional services or if you have any questions, please contact IsraelPhones at or call toll free to:
- US: 1-866-8-ISRAEL
- Canada: 1-866-302-5512
- UK:0-800-404-9642
- Australia: 1-800-076-284 (after 5:00pm Australian time)
- South Africa: 0-800-999-500
- France: 0-800-901-240
- Israel: 1-800-721-111
- or +972-8-918-1134 from anywhere else around the world
Our Israel office is open from 8:30am-1:00am, Sunday-Thursday, closed on Shabbat and holidays.

Terms and conditions


To place your order click continue.

Or feel free to call any of our toll free numbers:
US: 1-866-897-9393
Israel: 1-800-721-111
UK: 0-800-404-9642
Canada: 1-866-302-5512
Australia: 1-800-076-284
South Africa: 0-800-999-500
From anywhere else in the world: +972-8-918-1134