Plan Details
Please select the SIM card appropriate for your device:
• Regular SIM: iPhone 3, Samsung Galaxy S2, and most basic feature phone handsets
• Micro SIM: iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Nexus 4/5
• Nano SIM: iPhone 5/5C/5S/6
Models not listed here: Check with your home cellular carrier to ensure your phone is GSM compatible and confirm the SIM card size required.
Make sure before leaving home that your handset is both SIM card compatible (GSM) and “unlocked for use with foreign SIM cards”; both of which should be verified with the provider from whom you purchased the phone; There is no need to add an international plan from your home provider.
No deposit required. Handset is not included.
One-time SIM fee: 35NIS for Standard SIM.
Addional Services
If you order a Local Number, please send us a copy of your Passport
Handset options and pricing are available while stock lasts. An order placed with a standard handset cannot be shipped outside of Israel. Instead, please select pickup at Ben Gurion airport or delivery within Israel as an option. An order placed with a handset will come with a regular SIM and not a nano or micro SIM.
  1. Minimum Commitment: Rates apply for customers under contract for a minimum of 6 months. Plan is available only for International Students registered in a formal school, college or program in Israel. Prices are subject to change.
  2. Fees: Rates are in NIS except where specified otherwise. Prices do not include VAT (tax).
  3. Calling and Usage: Unlimited calling to landline phones in specific countries. Current destinations included in the unlimited plan are Germany, France, UK, Austria, New Zealand, China, Australia, Ireland, USA and Canada. Other countries will incur additional charges. Countries made be added or removed at any time. Other countries will incur additional charges. See our web site for current rates. Unlimited calling includes cellular destinations in the United States and Canada. Calls to cellular destinations elsewhere will incur a surcharge of 0.89 NIS per minute. Text messages to international destinations: 4 NIS per message. Data is capped at 20GB, excess data is charged at 49NIS per 10GB or there part of.
  4. Handset is not included. All incoming calls and text messages are free. Not including premium numbers. International calls only when dialing “00” prefix. Use of your phone outside of Israel, roaming off the cellular network and or calls placed via the incorrect local or international access numbers will result in a higher per-minute charge.
  5. All calls placed from your phone (device or line) are the responsibility of the customer until such line is cancelled or reported lost/stolen to IsraelPhones and the cellular carrier. If SIM is lost/stolen, the replacement cost is 35NIS plus shipping. An itemized bill will be sent to the email address on file. It is the customer’s responsibility to update IsraelPhones of a change in email address, and inform IsraelPhones of failure to receive an itemized bill.
  6. All bills will be considered final and correct unless report to IsraelPhones within 30 days of the end of the current billing cycle. The only further bills that will accrue will be for activities not covered by the plan such as premium calls. By signing this form, renter agrees to all the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. Rental authorized the above credit card to be charged for all bills resulting from this rental. At the conclusion of the term of the contract the number will be terminated unless extended by the customer.
  7. Authorization: In order to ascertain the validity of the credit card being used to place this order, IsraelPhones will request a $100 authorization from your credit card company. This is NOT a charge, and these are not funds that IsraelPhones receives. Rather, this $100 authorization is a temporary hold placed by your credit card company, which is automatically returned to your account within 30 days of placing your order. Again, this is not a deposit. The release of these funds back to your active credit card account has no dependence on your IsraelPhones account standing.
  8. Data device lost/stolen fee: Replacement charge if product is lost/stolen is 600 NIS.